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There are many reflectometry programs available for download from the web, some are listed here. Only programs that are free and easily available are listed here. You may be interested in a [comparison between fitting programs]

  1. Motofit - download Co-refinement of multiple contrast Neutron and X-ray reflectometry data, using the Abeles matrix / Parratt recursion and least squares fitting (Genetic algorithm or Levenberg Marquardt).
  2. Drydoc and Wetdoc - download Multiple contrast data fitting.
  3. AFIT download Fitting (Chi-by eye) of multiple contrast neutron reflectometry data.
  4. Reflfit download Calculate optical reflectivities (neutrons and x-rays) from a given model sample over a specified Q-range or fit model parameters to measured sets of data.
  5. GARefl download GA refl is a program for simultaneous fitting of X ray and neutron polarized reflectometry data. Slab models are supported, with interfacial roughness.
  6. Parratt32 download
  7. Simulreflec downloadFitting of reflectometry data - both polarised and unpolarised.
  8. Superfit downloadSimulating and fitting of specular and diffuse neutron reflectivity data obtained with polarized or non-polarized neutrons on magnetic or non-magnetic samples.
  9. Polly download A program for the simulation and analysis of polarised neutron reflectometry data.
  10. Surface download Visualisation and analysis software for non-polarised specular reflectivity data.
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