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Motofit is a package that aids the simultaneous least squares fitting of multiple-contrast specular X-ray and neutron reflectivity data, using an Abeles Matrix formalism or Parratts recursion formula. Motofit provides robust and fast optimisation, with a choice between Genetic Optimization (Differential Evolution) and Levenberg-Marquardt.

The aim is to provide maximal functionality, with easiest interaction. Limit the time between collection and publication.

Motofit is licensed using the GNU General Public Licence.

It works within the analysis package IGOR Pro (Wavemetrics, OR). You don't need to purchase IGOR in order to use the functions, a free demo version is available from their website. Motofit will work just as well in the demo version, as the full version.

The development of the Motofit package has been sponsored by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation ANSTO.

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