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Currently you will have to do some programming if you want to specify an analytic form for an SLD profile, e.g. Gaussian, or if you want to parameterise the layer model in terms of known chemical values. It's not hard however, and contact me if you need help. The following example parameterises a lipid bilayer in terms of head/tail group volumes, Area per molecule, etc. (sorry, got to work out formatting issues here).

Function lipid(coefs,rr,qq):fitfunc
	wave coefs,qq,rr
	//coefs[1]=SLDsuperphase (silicon?)
	//coefs[2]=SLDsolvent (d2o mix?)
	//coefs[4]=roughness of silicon
	//coefs[5]=oxide thickness
	//coefs[7]=roughness of oxide
	//coefs[8]=Area per molecule
	//coefs[9]=Vh, headvolume
	//coefs[10]=rhoh, SLD of headgroup
	//coefs[11]=Vch, chainvolume
	//coefs[12]=rhoch, SLD of chain
	//coefs[13]=thickness of inner leaflet head
	//coefs[14]=thickness of inner leaflet chain 
	//coefs[15]=thickness of outer leaflet chain
	//coefs[16]=thickness of outer leaflet head
	//coefs[17]=roughness of lipid layers
	//we provide parameters that describe the physical system.

	//first we have to translate those to meaningful parameters that can be used to calculate reflectivity
	Wave W_forReflectivity


Function lipidtoRef(coefs)
	Wave coefs
	//convert parameters into something that can be used to calculate reflectivity

	make/o/d/n=(5*4+6) W_forReflectivity

	W_forReflectivity[0] = 5
	W_forreflectivity[1] = coefs[0]
	W_forreflectivity[2] = coefs[1]
	W_forreflectivity[3] = coefs[2]
	W_forreflectivity[4] = coefs[3]
	W_forreflectivity[5] = coefs[17]

	//SiO2 layer
	W_forreflectivity[6] = coefs[5]
	W_forreflectivity[7] = coefs[6]
	W_forreflectivity[8] = 0
	W_forreflectivity[9] = coefs[4]

	variable phiInnerH = coefs[9]/(coefs[8]*coefs[13])   	//   PhiInner=Vh/(Area*thicknessofinnerHead)
	variable phiOuterH = coefs[9]/(coefs[8]*coefs[16])		//	PhiOuter =Vh/(Area*thicknessofouterHead)
	variable phiInnerC = phiInnerH * coefs[14]*coefs[11]/(coefs[9]*coefs[13])
	variable phiOuterC =  phiOuterH * coefs[15]*coefs[11]/(coefs[9]*coefs[16])

	//inner head
	W_forreflectivity[10] = coefs[13]
	W_forreflectivity[11] = (phiInnerH * coefs[10]) + ((1-phiInnerH)*coefs[2])
	W_forreflectivity[12] = 0
	W_forreflectivity[13] = coefs[7]

	//inner chain
	W_forreflectivity[14] = coefs[14]
	W_forreflectivity[15] = (phiInnerC * coefs[12]) + ((1-phiInnerC)*coefs[2])
	W_forreflectivity[16] = 0
	W_forreflectivity[17] = coefs[17]
	//outer tail
	W_forreflectivity[18] = coefs[15]
	W_forreflectivity[19] = (phiInnerC * coefs[12]) + ((1-phiOuterC)*coefs[2])
	W_forreflectivity[20] = 0
	W_forreflectivity[21] = coefs[17]
	//outer head
	W_forreflectivity[22] = coefs[16]
	W_forreflectivity[23] =  (phiOuterH * coefs[10]) + ((1-phiOuterH)*coefs[2])
	W_forreflectivity[24] =  0
	W_forreflectivity[25] = coefs[17]
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